An Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting & PSYCH-K®, Allowing Yourself to Heal Your Past & Create Your Desired Future by Sands Pedegana

My journey with Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting ignited in 2010, after watching my young son struggle with ENT issues which rendered him deaf at the age of 4.


I wasn’t convinced when doctor after doctor gave him antibiotics and sinus medication to clear congestion & ear infections & I felt helpless as a mother when we were told that he needed his tonsils and adenoids out to correct his problem.  Somewhere inside my gut was telling me it wasn’t going to work & I only wish I had trusted my instincts then.


I spent the next few years clearing him of gluten to prevent mucus & watched with a saddened heart as he couldn’t have any of the cake or “normal” party foods his friends could indulge in. I had to give his teachers a stash of his own “safe” treats at school, but it did mean he was made to feel “different” and deprived. 


I was new to Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting at the time so asked my EFT instructor Laurie Adams to assist me in getting to the root cause of his deafness.  As it turned out it was a 2-fold process, where I had to clear things for myself as well as clear things for him > starting from his birth day.


We were due to relocate overseas in 5 weeks & I went into labour. We were living in the UK at the time & deliveries were performed in mid-wife units.  Scanning was not a procedure performed throughout the pregnancy so we didn’t realise that he was breech.  Scarily the midwife assigned to help me deliver him was young & very inexperienced and I could tell was rather panicked by the turn of events.  Had they known he was breech I would have been scheduled a C-section, but at the mid-wife unit I would have to deliver him naturally.


I almost watched the process from outside of my body as Baby went into stress, the staff started shouting over our heads:>  “get the ambulance – they need the hospital”, “no – they won’t make it in time”; “get him out he’s killing his mother”, “baby is going to die”  ……………. “find a doctor” ….


We made it!!  … both of us!! …. But the crux of the matter is that my son came into the world with shouting and screaming & raised voices telling him “he’s killing his mother” etc.  What broke my heart was that whenever someone corrected him, or said “no” to him, he would comment “I must just die”.


I noticed a pattern of red stripes across his cheeks / sinuses on certain days & started to record his daily events. What happened at school, who did what, … & realised that whenever there was an incident of someone “getting in trouble at school” (not even my son – just any kid where voices were raised) … that he would react with blocked sinuses causing deafness.


Using Matrix Reimprinting Laurie assisted me to remove the past trauma of the delivery event.  We then worked with my son who was 6 at the time & also using Matrix Reimprinting …. Re-wrote his birth into a far more peaceful, welcoming event.  He improved greatly; however, he still had the intolerance to gluten and I had to monitor his diet to prevent the mucus.


A year later I was able to assist him using PSYCH-K®. After doing Core Belief Balance he was able to make the final shift for himself & he is no longer allergic to gluten & his hearing is above average. 


Healing doesn’t need to be messy, or painful or scary.  It just needs a gentle light to be shone in the right place and sometimes a little patience.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain in detail An introduction to Matrix Reimprinting and PSYCH-K, allowing yourself to heal your past and create your desired future.

About Sands Pedegana

I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator (Master & Advanced Levels) and Level-3 EFT Practitioner, Fabric designer & Animal lover.


I am passionate about assisting people to shift old emotions and create new positive thoughts, change stale core beliefs, build self-esteem, or cultivate balance and achieve goals.  Life is meant to be LIVED with joy.


Sands Certifications:


PSYCH-K(R) Basic 2010


PSYCH-K(R) Advanced 2012


PSYCH-K(R) Masters 2018


Emotional Freedom Technique L1 2010, L2 2011, L3 2012


Matrix Reimprinting 2012


Emotion Code 2013



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    June 24, 2020 at 10:18 am

    A very helpful video. Thank you so much. Namaste

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