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What if it is possible to have
“Too Many Clients”? 😍

👉 Are you STUCK with having no clients?

👉 Are you CONFUSED why your clients aren’t getting the results?

👉 Are you DISAPPOINTED that your clients don’t give you good feedback?

👉 Are you FRUSTRATED with marketing your healing business?

👉 Have you been PRAYING for a solution to grow your Healing Practice?

I was there too! 😰

Later I Discovered the Truth,
“Lack of Clients Has Nothing to do with
Lack of Marketing!”

If Your Clients Get Truly Mindblowing Results,
They Can’t Help But Just Refer You To Their Friends & Family!
That’s what happened to me

– Vishnupriya Aristo,

In December 2021, I started my local healing center and started offering healing sessions to people in my city for the first time. Most of my clients were coming in for a single session and interestingly, they didn’t get the results they were expecting.

After doing sessions for quite a lot of them, it began frustrating me and as usual I booked up a Channeling session with Debra Kilby, a Divine Channeler to discover a solution for this challenge.

The channeled message revealed to me a lot of things that I didn’t know and I turned around my healing method.

I stopped doing single sessions and offered 11-day Full Body Treatment combining multiple modalities and information from multiple books.

🎉 Bingo!! Client after client, session after session, people started getting results! Back pain healed, Migraine healed, Foot pain healed, Constipation healed, Asthma healed, on & on!!

This was a confirmation that my magic recipe is working! 🤩

Client Success Stories!


Ramya, India – Healed Headache

Naveen, India – Healed Knee Pain

Naveen picture
Muthulakshmi picture e1664087173668

Muthulakshmi, India – Healed Constipation

Paranjothy, India – Healed Insomnia

Paranjothy picture
Ananth picture e1664087237146

Ananth, India – Healed Asthma and Wheezing

Anila, Malaysia – Healed Money Blocks

Anila picture
Ramakrishna2 copy

Ramakrishna, India – Healed Foot Swelling

"Too Many Clients" Issue 😂

But then, I had a new challenge!

Too many clients lined up and I was left with no time for myself! So I decided to move on to next step and started hiring healers for my center and taught them this new healing recipe.

Initially I was skeptical if other healers would be able to do my unique method of healing. I taught them for a month and they started doing sessions for clients.

To my surprise, the results were intact!! Their sessions were as successful as mine.

Most importantly, I didn’t do any marketing for my center. But, the number of clients are continuing to grow.

One client referring 2 others and they referred many others!! The snowballing effect of word-of-mouth is spreading out in all directions 😍

Finally, I found the TRUTH that,

Lack of Clients is due to the Missing Elements in the Healing We are Offering!

If all the healers get awesome mind-blowing results for clients, then there will be no “lack of client” issue in our Holistic Healing Industry ❤️

Hence, I decided to make my magic healing recipe available to all!

I facilitated a 30-day Training Program to teach this new revolutionary approach of healing to a small group of healers.

The recording of this course is now available to everyone who meet our prerequisites!

just 30 DAYS! ⚡

Body and Health Issues

Discover how to work on the stuck emotions that lead to the formation of  specific health issues. For example, long standing resentment can lead to cancer. Clearing that resentment will heal the cancer automatically. 


Money issues are the result of negative beliefs and limiting patterns around money. A strong belief that “money is the root of all evil” will lead you to avoid having money. Learn how to replace your clients’ negative beliefs with positive ones so more money can flow to them with ease.

Relationship Issues

Be able to resolve long standing relationship issues by rewiring your clients’ negative patterns and beliefs about each other. Be able to remove the triggers that normally get them into arguments, so that they can have more peaceful and loving relationships. 

During this 30-Day ZeroPoint Healing Certification Program, you will learn how to combine all the healing modalities you’ve learned from classes and books into a seamless and very effective healing therapy.

Heal Book

ZPH 11-Day Full Body Treatment uses the principles explained in the book,
“Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay.

Prerequisites To Join the Course:

✅ You should be a healer or a therapist certified in at least one or more healing modalities.

✅ You should be registered as a Practitioner with an active listing on

Some of Our
Certified ZeroPoint Healers:

Avisha picture

Dr. Avisha Mathur

Access Bars Practitioner, Access Body Process Practitioner, Light Key Expert Healer
Click Here to View Her Full Profile. 

Meenakshi SK

Sound Healing Therapist, Thetahealer, Family Constellation Therapist
Click Here to View Her Full Profile. 


Preethi Rathnavelu

Reiki Master, Yoga Practitioner, Joyous Body Protocol Practitioner
Click Here to View His Full Profile. 


Priyanka Mohan

Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist, ThetaHealer, Sound Healing Therapist
Click Here to View Her Full Profile. 


Anusha Shastri

ThetaHealer, Violet Flame Healer, Pranic Healer, Joyous Body Protocol, Spiritual Coach
Click Here to View Her Full Profile. 

Sample List of Issues that can be healed by
ZPH 11-Day Full Body Treatment:



✔️ Cancer

✔️ Chronic Pain

✔️ Depression

✔️ Eczema


✔️Fears and Phobias

✔️ Fibroids


✔️ Smoking

✔️ Headaches

✔️ High Blood Pressure


✔️ Money Problems

✔️ Relationship Issues

✔️ Insomnia

✔️ Lungs Disorder

✔️ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

✔️ Panic Attacks

✔️ Migraine

✔️ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

✔️ Infertility

✔️ Sleep Issues

✔️ Sexual Problems

✔️ Urinary Infections

✔️ Obesity (Overweight)

Be certified as a
zeroPoint healing therapist


You will receive a certificate as “Certified ZeroPoint Healing Therapist” after successfully completing the training.

30-Day Course Details

  • The 30-day Course contains 1 hour daily video lesson for 30 days.

  • The course covers how to combine all the modalities that you’ve learnt to offer a complete healing for clients.

  • The course will teach you how to offer 11-day Full Body Treatment which includes Counseling + Healing.

  • The session offered for clients will be for 1-hour daily for 11 consecutive days. You will be talking to clients for 30-mins during each session which is the Counseling section in which you will learn about their entire life history to find the root causes of their issues.

  • The 11-day Treatment will use multiple healing modalities but the main one will be Joyous Body Protocol. You will have to learn JBP if you haven’t learnt it already. We have an in-house JBP Facilitator who can teach you the JBP course. The course fees for JBP is separate and will have to be paid to the JBP Facilitator directly.

  • You will be receiving a certificate as “Certified ZeroPoint Healer” after you complete the training.

Certification Requirements:


✅ Have to complete watching all 30-day video classes within 45 days from the date of purchase. 

✅ Have to create full manual of the 30-day training as a dissertation and submit it for evaluation.

✅ Have to attend at least one Live Q&A class and ask at least 3 questions during the Live class and add these questions and answers to your manual.

✅ After successful completion of the dissertation, you will be given 3 practice clients (Real clients).

✅ After completion of the sessions and evaluation of the results achieved by clients, you will be awarded with Certification.

A Wise Investment That Reaps You Lifelong Payback!

555 USD

It only takes just 5 clients to get your investment back!!

Upgrade Your Healing Practice & Become the
“Most Sought-After” Holistic Healing Therapist of Your City!

Vishnupriya Profile copy

Vishnupriya Aristo

Vishnupriya Aristo is the Founder of:

🎉 Money Consciousness Academy – Helping Human Race Create More Money & Build Long-Term Wealth!

🎉 ZeroPoint Healing – Offering Life-Transforming Holistic Healing to Liberate Humanity from Pain and Suffering. 

🎉 ZeroPoint School – Educating Next Generation Children with Higher Consciousness Education.

She is certified in multiple healing modalities such as Reiki, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, ThetaHealing, Soul Plan Reading, Access Consciousness, Light Body Teacher, and Certified Money Coach.

The Vision of ZeroPoint Healing is to Empower Humanity to Heal Themselves and Erase Pain and Suffering from Planet Earth.

Support us to achieve our vision by becoming a Certified ZeroPoint Healing Therapist & Offer this Life-Transforming Service to Humanity!

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