The One Command® and The Law of Creation


You have probably heard or read about the law of attraction, which became famous in 2006 after the appearance of a DVD called The Secret; This footage contained segments of teachers, artists, and millionaires teaching how to use the law of attraction to create the life we ​​want.


I have always been curious and I believe that we can create our life consciously; When I found out about The Secret, it was by reference from someone who explained to me how to do it, and I began to practice what was taught in it, but to be honest, I didn’t get much more than “attracting” the DVD … a few weeks later my aunt came to visit us and gave it to me, although that was not my goal …


It is not my intention in this writing to delve into the what´s or how´s of the law of attraction; it is just that being an engineer by profession and having scientific training I gave myself the task of investigating how the law of attraction works and why it works for a very low percentage of the population while for the vast majority it does not. After several years of research, experimentation, and curiosity, I came to the conclusion that for most people it is not so easy to voluntarily activate high vibrational emotional states such as gratitude, joy, faith, etc. After years of feeling indifference, doubt, self-pity, etc.


In fact, today it is clear to me that the most frequent obstacle to this practice consists of, as the law of attraction indicates, “feeling gratitude for the object of your desires”; I mean, you have to feel gratitude for having something you don’t have yet … especially if you have a highly rational and questioning brain like mine.


For a mind like mine that was impossible and my mind exploded in that questioning over and over again, the more visualizations I made, the less I was able to feel gratitude for the desired goal and the more frustration I felt … I stopped doing it.


One day, a few years later, I bought a Joe Vitale book on Amazon that came with seventy gift vouchers: among internet links, discount coupons, mp3 audios and pdf books, one called The One Command suddenly caught my eye. The One Command® by Asara Lovejoy; his call was so intense that I dropped everything else to read it immediately.


In the world of The One Command®, I discovered something more powerful than the law of attraction: The Law Of Creation; While the Law of Attraction requires repetition, practice, and a high vibrational amount of energy focused on manifesting what you want, with The One Command® you do not require any of that because you are not attracting anything existing, but creating it from a very different place.


You create your reality from the unused portions of your mind, in a brain frequency where you can directly access your super-conscious mind in a state of deep relaxation equivalent to that of a Zen master in meditation.


This state of mind is the one that many masters have used for years to make their creations. Only now you no longer require years of meditation and fasting in Tibet…;)


What you do is enter the quantum field, the field of infinite possibilities like when you go to a supermarket and choose what you want to take. You simply command your new reality, you give the instruction and your DNA is deprogrammed freeing itself of your old thought patterns, to restructure itself with the new and improved information, thus creating a new reality and environment for you.


The teaching of The One Command® is perfectly consistent with what I have seen in other science-based reality creation teachings such as quantum physics, neuroscience, and epigenetics, which are passed down by great teachers such as Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bruce Lypton whom I follow and like to read.


What is true for me today is that the law of attraction works for those who believe it works and for those who have beliefs compatible with it (you attract what you believe in); however, The One Command® has proven to work even for those who don’t believe.


Many of my The One Command®coaching clients have benefited from changing their old beliefs, patterns, and attitudes; For some, the change happens as if by magic: they begin to be called for jobs, clients appear or properties are sold that nobody wanted to buy before, while for others the change is gradual and little by little they discover new beliefs to change and transform so that their behaviors, attitudes, and behaviors are being adjusted and improved gradually and their results as well.


Some success stories:


I have a friend who did not have money to pay for her coaching certification and after releasing a command for it, her baking business started to sell more and she in a matter of two weeks completed the money for her certification.


A client whom I will call Susan obtained spontaneous healing from a yeast allergy after a The One Command® coaching session.


I myself met Asara Lovejoy directly after making a command for it: I was in the middle of the certification and had a coaching session scheduled with one of her partners and suddenly the partner wrote to me saying that Asara herself wanted to do my session, which, in addition to giving me the opportunity to meet this great woman and be mentored by her, opened the doors for me to be the voice of The One Command® in Spanish, coach, and trainer of the one-day seminar.


Currently I have a group of more than thirty people with whom we meet every two weeks to do some coaching and commands in Spanish; many of them have used The One Command® and the law of creation to improve their relationships, streamline procedures, learning another language, increasing their athletic performance and even winning lawsuits … as a person who had a lawsuit in process for years and after two weeks from one of our commanding circles where I provided her with a command, she received the news that the lawsuit had been resolved and she could claim an inheritance.


You can command and create practically anything as long as it has to be about you or your reality because your capacity for creation is infinite.


If you want to experience the law of creation, you can contact me here.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing Show below in which I explain in detail CREATING MONEY AND WEALTH WITH THE ONE COMMAND.

About Alvaro Muñoz

After sixteen years working in the automotive industry retired to work with people to improve their lives.  I did it because at some point I realized that even though I loved Engineering and the manufacturing world, deep in my self I was feeling that there was much more than working to pay the bills… that feeling started at a very young age but I ignored it.  I have explored, studied, and tested almost every human development technology I have met such as NLP, Reiki, EFT, The Healing Codes, Cybernetic Transposition, Transurfing, Access Consciousness, Self Hypnosis, Affirmations, Ho´oponopono, Coaching, PSYCH-K, Akashic Records, Structural Constellations, The One Command,  Conscious Neutral Self Observation Methodology, Quantum Physics, and Neuroscience.

I´m interested in how we create our own reality from our brain and thought-feelings-emotions patterns and habits and help people create their own reality.

I am also a certified trainer in The One Command technique, Leadership and Change Management Corporative Consultant, and a teacher in leadership & coaching courses.

I live in Colombia (South America) and facilitate sessions in both English and Spanish.

Alvaro Muñoz’s Certifications:


·      The One Command® Technique & Neuroscience


·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation actualization workshop

·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation actualization workshop
·      Access Bars® practitioner certification

·      Immunity to Change Facilitator ́s Workshop
·      The One Command® One Day Seminar Facilitator
·      Structural Constellations SySt® Basic Training

·      PDA- Personal Development Analysis Certified Analyst
·      The One Command® Master Executive Success Coach
·      Certified Professional Transformational Master Coach TLCI

·      The One Command®Executive Success Coach
·      Psych-K® Health & Wellness Program January

·      Psych-K® Profesional Facilitator Training
·      Psych-K® Advanced Training
·      Psych-K® Basic Training

·      Neuro-Mission Trainers Program

·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation Master Facilitator Level
·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation Senior Facilitator Level
·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation Junior Facilitator Level

·      EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Self Training

·      Reiki Usui System Master Level

·      NLP Training Diploma


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