Release Offensive Energies That Are Blocking You From Moving Forward In Life

What if after removing a Heart Wall, you are still feeling some heaviness or discomfort in your heart? Or you still have some triggers for an addiction? Are there things not coming your way? Is there something holding you back in your relationship or business venture, or prevent you from moving forward? Are you hard on yourself in regards of your body image? Are you sabotaging yourself? We know that TEs – are main things that people experience all that. But, let’s have some Faith and ask – what if some kind of Offensive or Post-Traumatic, or Mental Energy is connected to you and holding you back?  What is it hurts to believe that? — A BODY CODE SESSION WILL HELP TO FIND OUT!

****Find out exactly what’s going on with your body physically and emotionally…


Despite trying many other holistic approaches, the EC/ The BC helped me overcome a number of emotional and physical issues.

For instance, it dramatically helped to improve my current relationship with my mother, who was quite abusive towards me during my childhood and teenager time.

With the BC I was able to identify and correct several misalignments as consequences of my back injury and was able to clear off different kind of pathogen infections related to my childhood time.

And lastly, the Body Code assisted me with understanding the symptoms of self-sabotaging and discomfort in the heart caused by unseen things like spirits, evil Entities and other offensive energies.

About Marina Warnecke


The Emotion Code – A form of ENERGY HEALING MODALY, identifies and releases inherited, absorbed or created harmful energies of unprocessed emotions from negative past events, which can contribute to mental, emotional or physical issues, and can create Pain, Addictions, Cravings, and more.

– THE BODY CODE deals with 6 different main types of imbalances:
-Emotional Imbalances- emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive
-Toxicity Imbalances- heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial
-Circuitry Imbalances- organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians
-Pathogens Imbalances- parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, mold
-Structural Imbalances- bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands
-Nutritional Imbalances- Ph imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field
By asking the body a few simple questions via muscle testing, you may be able to access information of what imbalances may be affecting your physical health – HEART-WALL, TRAPPED EMOTIONS AND OTHER ENERGY IMBALANCES and then release THAT with the magnet.


Nouf’s Certifications:


The Emotion Code Certificate – 08/20/2019


The Body Code Certificate – 12/17/2019


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