Why Donation-Based Model?

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A Note From Vishnupriya Aristo
Founder, ZeroPointHealing.com

It is my belief that when someone makes a donation, it usually comes from their free will to do so and comes from a place of feeling abundant and wanting to share their abundance with others as an act of expressing their love.

On the other hand, when we pay our bills or make a specific payment for programs or platforms, in most cases, we do it from a place of lack, feeling stressed and pressured to make a certain amount of payment at a certain time, feeling as if someone is twisting our arm to do so.

As most of you might already know, our beautiful planet Earth is in an ascension process and we are transitioning from 3D Earth to a new 5D Earth in which all systems including the economic and monetary systems are different. Even though I’m not yet sure how the money exchange is going to be on 5D Earth, it is my expectation that all energy exchanges are going to be based on love.

In which case, I feel this donation-based model might be a good start point for us to begin doing our energy exchanges based on love and freewill feeling abundant when sharing our money and wealth with others.

With this, it is my intention to empower you to make a donation out of your free will and your love towards me and the ZeroPointHealing platform. We accept with heartfelt gratitude, however small the amount is, when it is given from a place of abundance with a heart full of love! 

Love & Light,
Vishnupriya Aristo