Healing Childhood & Developmental Trauma through The Completion Process by Rowan Garlow

I am Rowan Garlow, I currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I was born and raised in Michigan and received a bachelors in Anthropology and Spanish at WMU with a focus in Holistic Health. I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner, a Somatic Experiencing and Voice Dialogue Student, and a Yogi trained in trauma informed yoga. I am dedicated to learning about, teaching, and practicing modalities that assist a person to heal from trauma and develop greater access to free will. 


A lot of people do not realize that essentially all their struggles in relationships, with their mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health are the result of developmental trauma. The dysfunctional family home is the norm, not the rarity. For this reason, most people walking the planet have developmental trauma, it is just to what degree.  It is my opinion that if something is plaguing a person now in adulthood, it began before adulthood. This is because everything patterned into our subconscious: our behaviour, our personality, our emotions, our beliefs, etc already happened in our earliest years when we were the most susceptible to social conditioning. As children we are completely dependent on our caregivers longer than any other mammal, for this reason humans are a social species. We are evolutionarily wired to seek connection by whatever means necessary as infants and children to ensure our survival. The primary way we cope with this need to socially survive is through our brains natural mechanism of fragmentation or splitting. Meaning the parts of us that do not fit within the family system we are part of, will be suppressed. It will not necessarily go away, but it will be suppressed away from our conscious perception or view, which is why it is so much easier to see other people more objectively than we can see ourselves. Examples of what we can get cut off from in childhood are emotions, character traits, the physical body, desires, preferences, internal guidance system, memories, and more. This is not a conscious process, and thus many of us end up feeling very overwhelmed, distressed, hopeless, or confused as adults. This happens often with no clear understanding of why we feel the way we do, why we behave the way we do, or even where to begin.  We’ve been running on a deterministic, subconsciously written set of programs. In The Completion Process we are making the subconscious, conscious, by turning in the direction of our triggers. A trauma “trigger” is a psychological stimulus that prompts recall of a previous traumatic experience. However, it should be noted that many of us may be partially aware, or not aware at all the root trauma experience that is triggering us, we may only be aware of the trigger. We may associate it to what is happening in the now, have no context, only a feeling, or piece of the experience. So, The Completion Process is aimed at bringing forward and completing those things we may not even know we do not know, and of course it works on what we do know as well. This process is invaluable, and the introduction of tools for self-awareness, system regulation, healthy boundaries, and trauma re-negotiation are crucial in healing and thriving. 


 I see the value inherent in holistic and integrative approaches to healing and living because I know what it’s like to live in a personal hell of anxiety, depression, borderline personality traits, self-harm, victim control dynamic, co-dependency, suicidality, abandonment issues, and other labels I could throw around. The years before I found The Completion Process, I had been in group therapy 3-5 a week in a treatment program. I was lucky enough to be granted a scholarship to attend this program. As well as attending individual therapy 1-3 times a week. A lot of that helped me to get to a more stable place, because I was basically not functioning at that point. When I moved to Portland alone in 2017, and found The Completion Process, it was the absolute thing I needed to take my healing to a different dimension. I started using this process on myself for a year before I was trained and was seeing tangible shifts in my life and emotional well-being. I was using it on friends, a family member, and to people in my dreams. I knew this was something I wanted to bring to other people by whatever means necessary. 


I have been consistently practicing with clients for the past 2 years. Evolving my practice as my training expands. The Completion Process has helped me to uncover, join, and re-integrate with so many aspects of myself that had been lost or suppressed when I fragmented off because of trauma. When I say aspects of self, that is one way of saying inner children, parts of the self-relegated to the subconscious, parts of the personality, emotions, sensations etc. 

The Completion Process has helped me to re-organize decade long patterns of trauma responses. I can access and complete what were once suppressed emotions like anger, grief, fear, powerlessness, shame. I can move through feeling states and often entire memories emerging from my subconscious around a specific feeling state. This process has helped me to process and resolve my biggest wounding. Since being trained, I have volunteered at 2 additional Completion Process Trainings, and find each time I gain a deeper appreciation for this work and its power. 


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain the details of Healing Childhood & Developmental Trauma through The Completion Process.

About Rowan Garlow



Dedicated to an integrative approach; meaning utilizing modalities that reach the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person.


The Completion Process gets straight to the root and for this reason I find this process to be extremely useful.



I have both personal experience and experience helping those with suicidality, borderline personality symptoms, resistance, PTSD, depression, anxiety, dissociation, abandonment trauma, and enmeshment trauma. I value individualized and organic relational processes that help you to re-experience, re-organize and integrate trauma experiences.



Complete threat response patterns in your body.


Complete and re-negotiate unresolved childhood experiences.

Establish new internal relationships between your parts.

Uncover the magic of a regulated nervous system capable of healthy flexible movement.



Rowan’s Certifications:


Bachelors in Holistic Health, Cultural Anthropology, and Spanish (2015)



Certified Reiki Practitioner (2018)



Certified Completion Process Practitioner (2018)



Currently in Year 2 of Somatic Experiencing Training (Current)



Currently in The Voice Dialogue Institute’s Program (Current)


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    Very helpful in understanding childhood trauma.

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