Healing with P.E.A.T Technique – How to Invite Your Shadow into Light by Hristina

My life and of many others born in war-affected regions, began with displacement and escape from the “perpetrator”. My child-self perceived the perpetrator as an invisible, omnipresent force which only waited for the right moment to bomb, destroy, diminish, alleviate. And although the war ended on the outside, it was still present in my mind and body and minds of all those who experienced it.  


For many years to come, fear and shame were my worst enemies keeping me trapped in something that seemed like a black rubber cube. No matter what I did to overcome this inner cube, the pain and suppression continued as well as my resistance towards them.  Intellectually, I could not grasp why I still felt all those emotions and even less, why they would not dissolve after such a long time.


Some years ago, I learned that fear and shame were not my enemies but rather faithful servants who were protecting me. When I finally took a leap of courage and looked at them, they whispered their desire to dissolve and return to oneness. My path of acceptance then began and the rest is history.


PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) is not the first technique which I learned, but it has by far been the fastest and most grounding. It allowed to me to easily integrate and dissolve my fears by getting to the very core of the emotional experiences.  It has allowed me to befriend every single emotional experience in my life, being it pleasant or unpleasant. It has given me more courage to speak and understand the language of my soul. It has given me a better connection with my physical body and better understanding of two-dimensional reality.  It has taught me how to integrate the inner patriarch and free my sacred feminine. Finally, it has helped me to fall in love with life on Earth and free space in my body for more life energy to enter.


PEAT is easy, practical and widely applicable to a range of perceived problems. It quickly neutralizes emotional “baggage”, negative experiences, fears, phobias, resistance. It creates desired personality traits in short time period, very often within minutes. It transforms your life and relationships and creates more room for your self-actualization by removing layers and layers of emotional content that has accumulated over past lives and present life. After PEAT, you will have no similar experience like the one you wanted to resolve. It may just so occur, that by the end of the session, you won’t remember your initial problem or fear because you will be free from it. And from the code deeply embedded in your soul that the experience was attached to.


As a healer, my main goal is to free my clients from fears, individual and collective traumas, emotional and physical pain. To help them gain a perspective of human experience from the place of stillness. To help them thrive in physical dimension, to perceive all beauty of the physical world in all its contradiction and fallacies. To inspire them to navigate boldly through their stories and write new ones. To show them how to be whole but to remind them that they are also an individual. To encourage them to dive deep into their shadow, to listen to it, talk to it and even invite it for tea on special occasions. 


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain in detail Healing with P.E.A.T Technique – How to Invite Your Shadow into Light.

About Hristina Gvozdenović


My mission is to help towards creating a society where oneness and connection are the very foundation of human experience.


I help my clients heal their emotional bodies, integrate their rejected parts and acquire a more compassionate understanding of their lives and relationships.


I particularly enjoy helping women free themselves from the Patriarchy belief matrix so as to allow their unique, authentic consciousness to blossom.


I currently live in Belgrade, Serbia but frequently visit Germany where most of my friends and colleagues live.


Fear release


Anxiety healing


Emotional pain release


Shadow work, trauma release, parts work, emotional release, cross-cultural communication, collective event release and deconstruction, deconstruction of patriarchy belief matrix. 




Researched healing work in 5 different countries. I was lucky to learn from Serbian, Montenegrian, Italian, German and American healers and experience diverse approaches to healing modalities.


To Newbies and Thinkers


“We cannot force butterflies to stay in our garden, but we can make a garden so beautiful that butterflies want to stay.”


If you are new to healing and feeling a bit lost inside the jungle, reach out. We will find the best way to ground you and create space for your soul to thrive in physical body. If, however, you feel invited for a discussion, book a free discovery call.  You have every right to ask questions and , after all, ask questions which are particular to you and you only.


Hristina’s Certifications:


Theta Healing (2018-2020)


Spiritual technology: P.E.A.T, DP4, DP2, Unification Process (2019)


Angelic Healing Practitioner (2020)


Belly dance for weight loss and mental health (2016)



  • Jade holly
    June 21, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    Very helpful blog to work towards healing the childhood trauma.

    • Hristina
      July 2, 2020 at 2:18 pm

      Thank you Jade, very happy to read your comment.

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