How to Change Your Perception and Create Joy and Abundance using PSYCH-K® by Sophia Viasiliou

Some people were brought up being told that ‘seeing is believing’, but modern research shows that ‘believing is seeing’ is closer to the truth.  Did you know that we selectively edit and filter reality around us in order to more closely fit what we expect to see? Have you ever been in a situation with a friend and interpreted it completely differently and been left confused at how they reacted, felt or sometimes even heard or saw things that in your eyes at least clearly were not there?



Once we start to truly understand this concept, we can follow the logic and realise that if we are able to change our beliefs about the world and our perceptual filters, we might be able to see the world in a completely different way. This will lead to new ways of feeling, being and doing, which will create new experiences and new filters, and the positive feedback loop continues.



This is the power of the PSYCH-K® process. It consciously allows us to choose the filters, beliefs and emotional reactions we have to our experience, by reprogramming the subconscious mind in a few minutes. As we shed the layers of belief that have come from past events, traumas or harsh words received at an early age, we can embrace and accept a more whole, beautiful, lovable version of ourselves, and imagine the highest us that we want to become. When we interact with the world from this place, joy, ease, abundance and love can’t help but flow towards us. That isn’t to say that the ups and downs of life don’t happen, of course they do, but our resilience to face obstacles, and our interpretation of them can be so different, that they become juicy challenges and learning experiences rather than drudgery and insurmountable hurdles.



So, remember to call out ‘BS’ (Belief System) when you hear yourself saying ‘I can’t’ or ‘Things like that always just happen to me’. And when you are ready to change look me or another PSYCH-K® facilitator up and make an appointment!



My life before and After PSYCH-K®


I have always been interested in esoteric information and the deeper mysteries of life. My grandmother and my father both had the gift of ‘healing hands’ and I seemed to continue the tradition. Being someone who never quite fitted in seemed to be a blessing and a curse to me in my younger years as I began to embody the archetype of the wounded healer.



I was deeply depressed by my late teens. This was a recurring theme on and off through to my early 30’s when I eventually found myself going to the Jungles of Peru, looking for answers and my last hope for transformation through Ayahusaca.



I let go of so much heavy ‘stuff’ in the 3 years that I spent there and hit new depths of ‘rock bottom’ that I never imagined could have existed. But with incredible guidance from both human and plant teachers I got through it, and I did so by facing it. I had been listening to and reading a lot of Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Caroline Myss prior to visiting the Amazon,  and was introduced to the work of Joe Dispenza which created a massive mind shift in the way I was able to approach my own healing.



I already knew about PSYCH-K then, and wanted to train, but I couldn’t as I was still in Peru, but fortunately a dear friend and colleague did manage to get the training and I was lucky enough to receive a series of session with him over a 4 month period and that was the ultimate catalyst of my transformation from victim to self-realised.



PSYCH-K looks at your issues, not to dwell on them, but to use the information as an indicator of what your underlying belief and perception structures are and what needs to change. The facilitator helps you ask ‘what subconscious beliefs or perspectives might I have that could be contributing to my current experience?’ ‘What do I want instead of that?’ Or you can ask, ‘What do I  want to experience in x part of my life?’ What might I need to believe about myself and the world in order to experience that reality.’


PSYCH-K really helps people to change their reality filters and the results can be unexpected and wonderful. Imagine if you were born and had blue tinted glasses on from the very first day, and you simply didn’t know any different? Now imagine, you discovered one day that you had a distorted ‘blue’ perception and took the sun glasses off? You may be able to guess what that might look like, but you would also be in for a lot of lovely surprises as wonderful colours you couldn’t quite imagine before but heard other people talking about become available to you. That is the power of changing your perception on a subconscious level.


So for me, the Ayahuasca helped me confront and shed my past, by deeply showing me my shadow and forcing me to own my shit. But PSYCH-K was the part of my journey that propelled me forward and helped me re-pattern my behaviour, to integrate the lessons and embody a new way of thinking, feeling and perceiving the world.


Shortly after that time I left the jungle and returned to the UK where I was able to do 3 different PSYCH-K workshops in quick succession, which enabled me to work with clients in person and at a distance. The more I learn about it, the more I love it. There are some incredible principles that underlay PSYCH-K that resonate so deeply with me. For example, the idea that changing yourself is an act of service that helps the collective, or the fact that it can bring the super, sub and conscious minds into alignment so that you can live and act from a place of unity rather than division. My favorite notion is that the facilitator’s primary role is to hold a sacred space for their partner and guides them through a process that ultimately shows the partner that they are powerful and have all of the answers within.


The more I learn about it and use if for myself, the more I fall in love with it because it is simply profound and profoundly simple.

The fundamental think that PSYCH-K has done for me is to move me from that place of knowing what my issues are to resolving them and choosing the me I want to be. Before, I felt stuck in a loop, but now I feel empowered to make changes and my progress has been incredible.


Some solid examples would be that my fear of public speaking completely disappeared, allowing me to calmly and confidently give a lecture to a large audience at the London Psychedelic society’s Ayahuasca symposium last year. Not to mention ‘success issues’, which one by one have been resolved. I did a fair amount of work for myself around success, worthiness and my relationship with money and it has transformed both my life and my business. I am more confident, calm and content to be me than ever before and I am eternally grateful for my journey.


And I am even more honoured and excited by the fact that I get to work with people and help them discover their own inner wonderfulness. It is such a privilege to guide people on their journey’s and watch them perform alchemy before my very eyes.


Thank you for letting me share part of my story with you.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain in detail How to change your perception and create joy and abundance using PSYCH-K®

About Sophia Vasiliou

Hi, my name is Sophia. I’m based in London but I frequently travel the world and conduct most of my sessions online.


My passion is helping people to shift blockages and transform limitations to discover who they truly are, becoming healthier, happier and filled with purpose.


I have studied and practised many modalities including massage, reiki and crystal therapy and completed a 3 year shamanic apprenticeship in the Peruvian Amazon with an indigenous Shipibo shaman whilst working at the Ayahuasca Foundation.


At the jungle centre I worked 1-1 with people from many backgrounds, and with a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments including; addiction, trauma, psychosis, allergies and skin conditions.  I witnessed the psycho-spiritual connection to physical health and learned many ways to discover the roots of the issues and how to resolve them. Supplemented with PSYCH-K® and the Emotion code I possess many tools to help you make significant shifts in your health and wellbeing and chose the path you would like your life to take.


I am looking for people who are ready to make lasting changes in their lives.

If this is you, then take that step and contact me.


Sophia’s Certifications:


2020: Emotion Code Practitioner


2018 – 2020: PSYCH-K Basic, Advanced, Health and Wellbeing, Pro &Master Facilitator


2015 -2017: Shamanic Apprenticeship at Inkankena Centro Espiritual, Peru. Studying ayahuasca and other plant medicines and facilitating immersive healing retreats​


2016: Shiatsu Training at The Flower House, Guatemala


2013 – 2014: Swedish Massage Diploma at Gloucester College ​


​2011 – 2013: Crystal Therapy Diploma at Violet Flame School of Crystal Healing


​2008 -2012: Usui Reiki Training Levels 1, 2 & Master Practitioner

2004: Advanced Tarot Course, Zen, Birmingham


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