How to go from Burnout to Brilliance through Soul Plan Reading by Anita D Marshall

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, it starts slowly… maybe you start to notice an increased weariness around  your work, a lack of motivation to do the things you used to enjoy but you dismiss this as a phase that will pass. But it doesn’t and so it gradually builds until the days feel like one constant fire fight and suddenly you find yourself on the floor, metaphorically or in reality.

You find yourself running on empty and you’re your health and well being hitting rock bottom. You are burnt out!

Burning out

15 years I was working a high paid, stressful corporate role that I no longer enjoyed but I felt trapped to stay in between a mortgage and the lifestyle it gave me.

I was also taking an art course, in attempt to capture something joyful from childhood, but this meant that after a long day at work I would be doing my art late into the night to complete college assignments.

Something was going to give and one day I found myself lying in A&E with a doctor saying that I had most likely suffered a TIA (Trans Ischemic Attack) and that if I kept up the stress levels then I was at stroke risk at 32!

The pieces but not the picture

Whilst signed off,  a coaching book that literally falling off the shelf and a newsletter talking about volunteering with orangutans lead me 6 months later to being on a plane to Borneo after handing in my notice.

It was 16 months before I returned back home to the UK after travelling through Asia and India connecting with spiritual learning, meditation and many holistic healing practices after my volunteering role.

It felt like I had many pieces to a jigsaw puzzle but not the way to put it together and that bits were missing.

Seeing the picture

Then I learnt Soul Plan Reading whilst taking a course in Spiritual Life Coaching. Suddenly I could understand my early life, my burnout and the patterns of myself that lead me there. I could see why I was able to do that corporate job but also why it left me drained and overwhelmed. But it wasn’t just the difficulties that it helped me with, Soul Plan gave me insights into my gifts and abilities and how I was being called to use them in my life.

Soul Plan is an ancient system of life purpose guidance from the soul, that has been updated and modernized through the channellings firstly of Frank Alper and then Blue Marsden.

Soul Plan also become foundational in me achieving even more soul alignment with my soul destiny energy when I was asked by Blue Marsden to become one of the first teachers to teach the system other than him. It would have been an opportunity without the knowledge from soul plan that I probably would have rejected because of the fears generated by my own challenges but I accepted and found energized me when I did it and I actually shined at.

The source of burnout

Burnout is often a combination of soul plan challenge traits alongside work that is not aligned with soul.

For me, my burnout potential comes from my sensitive soul challenges (5 energy) combined with a strong force to achieve goals (6 energy) once I decided to do something. When this was combined with working my misaligned job it lead to my crisis moment.

For some of my clients it is over-perfectionism or boundary issues for others it is their excessive desire to do everything or them trying to negate a naturally introverted nature that is the source alongside their work that is maybe misalignment.

When you are in the thick of the pain and discomfort it is hard to see the source or a way forward.

That is the beauty of Soul Plan Reading, it gives clarity to the source of the difficulties and helps identify your gifts so you can start aligning the way you do things with your true nature. You start making choices from a place of knowledge not guess work.

Regain your zest for life

Soul Plan Reading has helped me to blossom and shine in the world and create a life I did not need a break/holiday from and so much more.

It is also foundational to all my coaching programs, such as SACRED Re-Energies or SOUL Aligned where I help lovely soul’s like you to regain the zest for life and align with soul purpose.

I hope something I have shared helps you go from the path of burnout to the path of brilliance.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain in detail How to go from burnout to brilliance through sou plan reading.

About Anita D Marshall

Hi, I am Anita, a Soul Alignment Life Coach, Soul Plan Teacher and Energy Healer.


I help people to heal the disconnect in their lives that causes burnout, overwhelm and unfulfilled feelings so that they can create and live their happy, relaxed and life that feels aligned to who they truly are.


Discovering my life purpose and my soul gifts during soul guided travels and through learning the powerful and ancient system of soul plan which brought such profound understanding to my life I was able to create the shifts to living a life aligned with my soul calling.


In 2011, a few years after training as a Soul Plan Practitioner,  I become one of the first teachers of Soul Plan to be trained by Blue Marsden, the founder of the current form of this ancient life purpose guidance system and have taught over 100 students worldwide through my live online training.


As a teacher and practitioner of soul plan and energy healer, I help others to learn about soul alignment with their own unique life purpose and achieve their greatest growth and potential in life.


Anita’s Certifications:


Soul Plan Teacher


In 2011, I become one of the first teachers of Soul Plan to be trained by Blue Marsden, the founder of the current form of this ancient life purpose guidance system.


Reiki Master


Certified in 2011 at Master Level in USUI Reiki


I am also qualified as a:


Spiritual Life Coach – June 2009


Spiritual Counsellor – May 2010


Hypnotherapist – September 2010


Soul Transformation Therapy Practitioner – November 2015


Moon Circle Facilitator – June 2018

You can contact me here:



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    June 4, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Working too much for a long time burned me out but your video helped me alot. Thank you

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