How to Heal Erectile Dysfunction & Performance Anxiety Using the Body Code and Easy Entity Release with Andrew Watt



I have suffered from erectile dysfunction for 20 years and only in the last few years have I had the bravery to talk completely open about it and to help other men going through similar issues. It wasn’t until 7 years ago that I overcame denial of the problem when I actively started seeking a solution. I began by telling my doctor who prescribed me Viagra, Cialis, and other impotence drugs. At the same time, he also took blood tests of my testosterone levels which showed I was low. These drugs were helping when I first started taking them and were a welcome ego boost to my self-esteem. It really helped with my pre-intercourse performance anxiety with my girlfriend and I thought my prayers were answered.

          However, a year later once I had moved to Canada, these drugs were no longer effective and I had no idea why. I was finding that conventional hospitals had no answer to fix my low testosterone and flaccid dysfunctional penis. I decided to invest in a private clinic in London that offered shockwave therapy, however, after 6 sessions I felt little improvement. Over the last few years, I have been desperate for a girlfriend, craving intimacy and emotional support. However, meeting girls on bars and on Tinder did not bring the connection I was looking for. I have learned with erectile dysfunction you sometimes have to look at deeper emotional issues for the root cause.


How the Emotion Code & Body Code have helped me


It has been a multi-layered approach that has helped me recover from erectile dysfunction. The first layer I had to address was my lifestyle choices and in particular my constant use of porn which had unwittingly reprogrammed my brain and penis to be turned on by something not real. It was after reading the book “Your brain on porn” by Gary Wilson that I realized the effect it was having on the quality of my erections. After giving up porn for 3 months I started to get morning wood again which gave me immense hope I was on the right track.


The next layer I addressed was the emotional layer and I began working on this as a solution to high anxiety and intrusive thoughts. It was a bonus that the Emotion Code also helped me with my erectile issues. It has helped me with my self-esteem, to find my true purpose in life. Having worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry for 16 years I have become accustomed to the unreliability of regular stable work. I now work as an energy healer which brings purpose in my life as it makes my heart sing when I know I’m making a difference to the world by helping change people’s lives. The Emotion Code helped me find my true gift as well as removing the negative beliefs and mindset of constantly feeling unworthy and often comparing myself to other people.

I feel regarding erectile dysfunction there are lots of emotional traumas, especially if you have had it a long time. With each new sexual encounter you go through the same cycle of performance anxiety, and then feel worthless, shameful, and guilty once you cannot please your partner with full intercourse. Sometimes the girls made me feel worse with their comments and other times it felt like pity. I would go through this cycle with multiple first-time partners and was one of the main reasons in my mind for being single for so long. Many of these girls were from one-night stands in clubs or tinder dates.

There was no emotional connection with these ladies which I believe is critical for me to feel relaxed enough to sustain an erection and is possibly the case for many other men out there.


The Emotion Code works by accessing the subconscious mind and using kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify the trapped emotion, finding the age and what caused the trauma. For example in one of my sessions with a practitioner, she found I had the emotions of rejection, unworthy and worthless trapped at age 11 which was when a girl I really fancied rejected my request to take her out on a date back in secondary school. I believe this childhood trauma contributed to my low self-esteem and confidence in chatting to girls most of my life.


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About Andrew Watt

My areas of expertise include helping to reduce anxiety, brain fog, increase self esteem and help people find their true purpose in life.

I am an engineer by trade which allows me to take different angles to work on for each client. I try different strategies and ask the subconscious mind different questions to get to the root cause of the issues.

The Emotion Code and Body Code has helped me turn my life around. I have suffered anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, chronic pain and low self esteem for the last 20 years. I have tried pills, psychologists, physio therapists, EFT and other alternative medicines to no avail. Finally my intuition (through regular meditation) led me to the Emotion Code and I have never felt better in life.

I am offering a free 30 minute body code session for new clients!! Please get in touch and we can work together to fulfill your true potential!!


Andrew Watt’s Certifications:


Emotion Code Practitioner – 2020

Body Code Practitioner – 2020


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