How to Manifest Your Goals and Reach Your True Happiness using ThetaHealing by Francesca Munaretto

How can you manifest your goals?

The first step is being aware that you can have goals and that you deserve that they became reality. You could ask yourself what your deeper desires are and write a list. Look at your list, and rewrite them until you can feel joy when you imagine them.

You could feel some resistance or fear, so maybe you can just write some compromises that can be ok for you in the meantime. Or we can work together understating what are the believes that do not allow you to manifest.

Through ThetaHealing, we teach how to reach the Energy of Creator, and create this big energy of manifestation. If you can feel satisfaction and joy and if you are guided by pure love in your actions, you will attract all the opportunities to reach your goals in a easy and maybe unexpected way. The Energy of Creator is pure love, joy and abundance; everything is possible in this energy. Every time you act with joy and love, you are more connected to this energy. If you trust that the Universe is abundant and that there are plenty of unexpected opportunity, your will be able to witness huge and wonderful miracles.

My Story

I live in Italy and I have a scientific mind. I studied Mathematics and physics at University; I worked as a computer consultant. Then the crisis arrived and everything changed. I was no longer allowed to express myself in my job, I chose to open a company and sell equipment, and I met a new partner. In a few years, it was even worse. I had a son, but his father was never at home, and I did not like the job in the new company, but I cannot quit because it was My company. I bought a boxer called Asia and I enjoined training her and competing in agility dog. I studied to become a dog trainer, and this was the happy part of my life. However, because of the baby and the job, having free time was really a mirage.

After a few years Asia died, I felt even more alone. About 6 months later, my son, who was about three, he used to put her in the sky on every painting that he did at school. I knew that he could see her. Someone told me that she would be already have “came back home”. I did not know what he meant, so a called a friend that could do “strange things” and she explained to me. She sent Asia to the light of Creator, I felt better and I recognized I had a special angel on my side.

In 10 days I took my first ThetaHealing class and I in 6 months I met the founder, Vianna Stibal, ad I become a teacher. I had many ThetaHealing classes in Europe and in Montana and now, I am a ThetaHealing Master.


How ThetaHealing changed my life

I understood that everything is possible and that I am the creator of my own reality.

I undertood that I CAN have dreams, that I DESERVE to have dreams and that my dreams can became true. I realized that I am always been very connected to the law of attraction and that I am very good at manifesting. The problem was that we can manifest both with conscious and unconscious mind. Until I was entrapped in the life that everyone was expecting form me (work in an electronic company, sell equipment, be a good wife, repeat my mother choices and so on) I was not happy ad I was creating my own sadness and loneliness.

As soon as I discover how to feel again Joy, I understood that everything comes through Joy. We can have in our life everything that makes us happy. And living In love through Creator brings deep love and joy in the heart. Then everything is possible.

I learnt how to listen to myself, to find my space of peace and joy. I realized that many any people do not know how to do that, so I chose to help the others to find the inner joy that brings also the opportunities to reach goals and satisfactions.

Watch this video interview below to learn more about how you can manifest your goals and reach your true happiness!

The Angels

During my first day of ThetaHealing class, I could see my first Angel. He was completely red and I could feel my heart became warmer as if he was hugging me. Now I can see and speak to the in every moment. They give me suggestions and make me feel supported.

Everyone has some guardian angels that are waiting to help but they respect our free will, so they must be asked for help.

They always assist me during the sessions, and often the client can see or hear them. Those feeling will remain in the memories of the client that, often, gains the ability to be in contact with the angels also after the session.

Everyone deserves to be in contact with the angels. I also teach on line classes of a Master Healing, and I teach how to reach the angels and to ask for their support in healing and everyday life.

How can I help you?

During a ThetaHealing session we can discover the believes that oblige you to repeat the same story, to be always in the same scheme and not to reach your goals.

It will take about one hour, and we can do online in English or Italian.

I will ask you “If everything were possible, what would you change now in your life?”

Can be health problem, relationship, love, business but I really believe that the result is always the same.

We all deserve to be happy. If you understand how to be happy, at home, in your job, with your partner everything will be a success.

I also ask Creator and give suggestions about the next steps. At the end of the session, you will feel lighter and free form the weight that you were carrying on your shoulders always fighting against those believes, joyful and feel exited to go on. You will feel encouraged to move the next steps, and everything will be easier and happier.


  • Sharouq
    April 19, 2020 at 6:34 am

    Thanks a lot for the amazing article and video, Francesca. You have given me a new hope that it is possible to achieve my dreams. I will be booking a session with you soon!

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