How to Resolve Your Physical and Emotional Issues Using Sanomentology by Agnes Domanska

My journey from where I was to where I am today was not an easy one. Like most practitioners or therapists, I once was in a difficult and dark place, battling extremely low feelings and energies as well as extreme stress, exhaustion, and physical pain. This lasted for many years during which I was tirelessly looking for a solution to help me. 7 years ago, I came across Emotion Code and Body Code modalities, and they changed my life. 2 years ago, after hearing many amazing reviews from clients I decided to train in Sanomentology.


It was a brand-new method that I had never heard of but so powerful. I have never looked back and loved the training immensely, the knowledge, the insights and most of all the support from its creator Martin Rothery and fellow practitioners as well.


Sanomentology consists of protocols that use ancient healing methods, like the power of dreams, to resolve quickly and effectively very deeply rooted traumas, as well as physical pain. Quickly means that I have been able to lower or release the pain in a 15-minute session. Sessions are content free and almost entirely client-led allowing the subconscious mind to access the issue and use its own programming to resolve it.

Because we give the subconscious mind the freedom to perform and do what it does best, results with Sanomentology can be achieved in a fraction of the time that other therapies may take.


Sanomentology took my life by storm allowing me to grow and develop as a person and practitioner. It took my practice to a whole new level letting me to help my clients in a much quicker and more effective way. I do not tend to keep clients for long now as their issues get resolved much faster and they are able to move on and live their lives the way they always wanted to, reaching their full potential. The best results I am seeing are with clients who are looking to heal deeply rooted trauma like: PTSD, abuse, depression.


Recently I had a client who was stunned that we were able to achieve better results than after her 10 years of conventional therapy and she did not even have to discuss her issues with me that deeply (this was a great relief for her as she has been analysing her traumas for the past 10 years).


Sanomentology is also great for all kinds of phobias, fears and I am pleased to say that because the subconscious mind does not speak any particular language, I have been able to resolve issues for people who did not speak English by running a protocol in English language.


If you or anyone you know who is struggling would benefit from the sessions with me, you can find me on Facebook or explore my website where I offer discount session for everyone watching this:


You will be able to find out more about me and what I do and use 10% discount code ZEROPOINT to purchase sessions with me.


If you would like to find out more about Sanomentology, how it works, how to train in it, please visit or like our Facebook page is ongoing, you only pay once for lifetime membership and have access to all new and old materials and training. If you would like to become a Sanomentologist, please contact Martin Rothery via Facebook page or Sanomentology website and quote my name (Agnes) to purchase training at a special price.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing Show below in which I explain in detail on How to Resolve Your Physical and Emotional Issues Using Sanomentology.


About Agnes Domanska

My name is Agnes. I am certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, as well as licensed Rapid Pain Elimination therapist, Mind Mediator and Sanomentologist. I am passionate about general well being, self-care and self-love. I believe that building up both can bring significant improvement to our lives and help us live better quality life, manage stress as well as emotional and physical pain. I incorporate all the above modalities as well as my passion for healthy eating, meditation and coaching to help eliminate negative emotional baggage from the past so you can be the best pain free version of yourself you can be. I speak Polish and carry out some of my session in Polish.



Agnes Certifications:


Emotion Code – 2015


Body Code – 2017


Reiki first degree – 2018


Rapid Pain Elimination and Mind Mediation – 2019


Sanomentology – 2020




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