How to Train Your Brain for Success and Happiness by Ronald C Schlegel, PSYCH-K® Facilitator

I was a traditional psychotherapist for about 30 years then started using alternative modalities such as PSYCH-K. I was working in a veterans hospital when I started using PSYCH-K with Veterans who were diagnosed with severe PTSD and other mental health conditions. The results I was seeing in the Veterans was astounding. Real deep healing and change was taking place in my clients like I had not seen before. This convince me I had to leave traditional therapy behind and start my own practice.


I learned that the real secret to being happy and successful lied in the subconscious mind. Real change happened as people healed their emotional trauma and changed their limiting beliefs. That this kind of change was not only possible but relatively easy and efficient with tools such as PSYCH-K.  


The field of alternative healing is expanding very rapidly in this day and age because people are looking for answers that that can’t find in traditional methods of healing. I have committed myself to staying on top of what modalities are available and training in those that appeal to me offer something beyond what I am already offering.


What is so exciting is that that alternative methods I have been learning are a huge catalyst for my own personal growth. It reminds me of the proverb associated with Jesus “Physician Health Thyself”. One area in which I made huge changes was in my limiting beliefs about money and abundance. I assumed that would remain an employee of an agency and never really be able to make much money in my own practice. Well, as I became aware of my limiting beliefs I now had tools to change them. One by one I started cleaning up my subconscious blocks to having the job and money I desired. I started me on a journey of personal transformation.  I went from working in someone else’s private practice to staring my own. In my own practice I billed insurance at first then I went to cash only. Then from having an office and seeing people in person to doing all of my work on line with people around the world. Each change represented a change in my own beliefs. The more limited thinking I cleared out the grander my career and life became.


I have been on a spiritual journey all of my life. I was very sensitive as a boy. I had a hard time fitting in. I felt much closer to nature and spent much time alone. As I grew up I tried harder to fit in and suppress my sensitive side. Eventually, I realized my sensitivity was my strength. It allowed me to tune into what others felt and to use that to help them. I realized that so many people benefited from exploring their own spiritual beliefs no matter what they were.


I have been helping people make rapid change now for over 8 years.  All my work is over Zoom, FaceTime or phone.  It is just as effective done remotely as in person and allows you to experience this wonderful modality from the comfort of your own home.  My website is I have found this work so rewarding and it gives me so much meaning in my life. I encourage everyone to begin clearing out their subconscious trauma and limiting beliefs. Your life and health can change dramatically. Go with the modality and/or practitioner that you feel drawn to.  Know that you can be the person you want to be and have the life you want. Best Wishes!


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing Show below in which I explain in detail How to Train Your Brain for Success and Happiness

About Ronald C Schlegel


Ron has been a psychotherapist for over 35 years and have chosen to dedicate the rest of my career to PSYCH-K and other alternative methods. As a PSYCH-K Facilitator and Intuitive he engages clients with a deep understanding and respect for the human psyche and facilitates deep personal transformation. He has been helping people make rapid change now for over 7 years.  All of his work is over the internet or by phone.  PSYCH-K is just as effective done remotely as in person and allows you to experience this wonderful modality from the comfort of your own home.  If you haven’t tried PSYCH-K processes yet it’s about time to schedule your appointment!


Ronald C Schlegel Certifications:


Masters in Social Work 1978


PSYCH-K Basic Training 2013


PSYCH-K Advanced Training 2013


PSYCH-K Pro Training 2014


PSYCH-K Health & Wellness Training 2019


Awakening Dynamics/Theta Healing with Brent Phillips 2015


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