“How to Transition Your Career Fearlessly Using PSYCH-K® by Tanya Romanuk”

How I got over my fear of success and started my business.


For as long as I can remember I’ve started projects and not completed them. It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m incredibly self-motivated. I work out, eat really well, work really hard or at least I work a lot. Still, though, I’d start projects, usually new business ideas and regardless of how exciting, they’d get dropped. Not forgotten about mind you, every project I’ve ever started shares space both in my storage locker and my conscious understanding of who I am as someone who doesn’t complete the things they start. It doesn’t help that they’ve left remnants of dried up businesses on my Visa statements and files on my desktop that make me shudder when I see them.


I’d just get bored or I’d hit a spot where I’d have to get someone on the phone, learn something new or worse ask for help (that’s a Blogs in its own right) and something else would become way more important. Like summer and I wanted to be outside or I’d have met a new man. Mostly though, I’d find an excuse that painted me as a victim of my circumstance. I couldn’t work on that project because I had bills to pay or my job was too demanding.


This isn’t something I’ve ever talked told anyone. The humiliation would be unbearable, which it still is by the way. I thought I was just intellectually lazy or just not as smart as everyone else? Other people completed projects. I just couldn’t seem to do it. I could never become the image of the person I wanted to be. Then something changed. I found PSYCH-K® and transformed a limiting belief I had about becoming successful. I didn’t even know I had a limiting belief about becoming successful. I just thought I never finished what I started.


Literally, within hours I started to see how this very business was going to come together. Questions I had were answered. Answers so simple if someone else had them I’d easily have known the answers. Well, I’m guessing you know what happened. You’re reading this blog on my completed website about how I started and launched my business. Don’t get me wrong there’s a crap ton to do still, but now I’m doing it!


We all have limiting beliefs blocking our potential. What areas of your life would benefit from rewriting limiting beliefs. Take my Free Limiting Belief Assessment now and find out. 


It could be the start of a whole new you.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain in detail How to Transition your career fearlessly.

About Tanya Romanuk

After decades of a corporate career, I was burnt out. My health, spirituality, and love for life were suffering. I started questioning why I did the very things that made me so unhappy. My answers all began with I have to, or I can’t; Synchronicity introduced me to the psycho-spiritual practice PSYCH-K® and I started using it to rewrite limiting beliefs holding me back. I quickly realized how powerful the practice was and knew I could use it to help others in similar situations. As a Life Coach previously in the corporate world I have a unique ability to understand the challenges of women in business. I know how difficult it can be to start living a more authentic life. I’ve dealt with the loss of the title, the cushy income, and being needed by my team. However, I gained my true self without the false labels and learned I can do far more than I thought possible.


What you are searching for is already inside you. As your coach, my job is not to tell you what to do, my job is to guide you to find it for yourself. We will use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), PSYCH-K® facilitation, and mindfulness to help you reach your goals.



Tanya’s Certifications:


Master and Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator 2020


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Practitioner 2020


Certified Life Coach (in progress)



  • Shikha
    June 7, 2020 at 9:18 am

    I took the Free Limiting Belief Assessment, and it came out to be quite accurate. Thank you for making me understand where I lack.

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