About Me

After sixteen years working in the automotive industry retired to work with people to improve their lives.  I did it because in some point I realized that even though I loved Engineering and the manufacturing world, deep in my self I was feeling that there was much more than working to pay the bills... that feeling started at a very young age but I ignored it.  I have explored, studied and tested almost every human development technology I have met such as NLP, Reiki, EFT, The Healing Codes, Cibernetic Transposition, Transurfing, Access Consciousness, Self Hypnosis, Afformations, Ho´oponopono, Coaching, PSYCH-K, Akashic Records, Structural Constellations, The One Command,  Conscious Neutral Self Observation Methodology, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience.

I´m interested in how we create our own reality from our brain and thought-feelings-emotions patterns and habits and help people create their own reality.

I am also a certified trainer in The One Command technique, Leadership and Change Management Corporative Consultant and teacher in leadership & coaching courses.

I live in Colombia (South America) and facilitate sessions in both English and spanish


My Certifications

·      The One Command® Technique & Neuroscience

·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation actualization workshop
·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation actualization workshop
·      Access Bars® practitioner certification
·      Immunity to Change Facilitator ́s Workshop
·      The One Command® One Day Seminar Facilitator
·      Structural Constellations SySt® Basic Training
·      PDA- Personal Development Analysis Certified Analyst
·      The One Command® Master Executive Success Coach
·      Certified Professional Transformational Master Coach TLCI
·      The One Command®Executive Success Coach
·      Psych-K® Health & Wellness Program January
·      Psych-K® Profesional Facilitator Training
·      Psych-K® Advanced Training
·      Psych-K® Basic Training
·      Neuro-Mission Trainers Program
·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation Master Facilitator Level
·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation Senior Facilitator Level
·      Conscious Neutral Self Observation Junior Facilitator Level
·      EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Self Training
·      Reiki Usui System Master Level
·      NLP Trainning Diploma

My Services & Pricing

One hour sessions - USD 125

Two-hour sessions - USD 187

Three one-hour sessions bundle - USD 337

Three two-hour sessions bundle - USD 503

Five one-hour sessions bundle - USD 497

Five two-hour sessions bundle - USD 747



Contact me

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    I work virtually via Zoom, except for Access Bars® sessions that should be done physically.

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