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Hello I am Antara Dalvi, an Intuitive Tarot Reader with 13yrs experience chanelling the guidance & digging deep to get an awareness of your life problems & guiding on the best possibilities for a favourable outcome.  An expert healer using frequencies & elements of Earth to help you restore your body's healing capabilities & bring more light & lightness in the body & the being. My work involves releasing cellular memories from the body & raising the vibrations. I am also a certified Instructor for frequency healing. My expertise involves clearing the space around you, your house & workplace to bring new possibilities & opportunities, releasing limitations around your space. Also working with past life programings, ancestral healing & going beyond black magic & curses.  My healings include customised meditations as well.

My Certifications

Reiki Master 2003

Tarot Reading 2010

Clincical hypnotherapy 2011

Theta Healing 2013

Redikall Healing 201 5

Lighy Key frequency Healer & Instructor 2020

Dragon reiki healing 2021

My Services & Pricing

Tarot sessions

Relationship clarity 30mins session -  1888/- ($28)

career & finances 30 mins session - 1888/- (28$)

Dig deeper in your own self - 1hr session 4200/-($58)

Pastlife reading & efeect on current life 1.5hrs session - 4800/- ($64)

Ancestral Records Revealed 1.5 hrs session - 4800/- ($64)

Healing sessions

Release abuse & Trauma -  3999/- ($55)

Joyous body healing session minimum 11days to work physical healing/ illness - 8900/-(122$)

Space clearing for wellbeig, vitality & prosperity per session 3800/- ($52)

Customised meditations & 11days healing session for fertility issues - 11000/-

Releasing stucked patterns with black magic & curses, pastlife programings - 4200/-($52) per hour

Resolve conflicts with addictive behaviour, patterns, relationships - 3600/-(49$)


Healing Modalities
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