About Me

Why live with a block, a trigger, an emotional anchor? Why not schedule a free call to discuss how you can make a change?

You are looking and you are ready for a change, right?

If you find you are carrying something, say it's blocking you, or you feel stuck, maybe anchored in the harbor, and you want to set sail, so to speak.

Or you might see the mountain but feel no power to climb.

Maybe the act of carrying your burden has been exhausting?

It may feel that you want to move forward, but you find yourself perplexed, tethered or circling.

You need a skilled advocate to help you. You are ready to climb the mountain, leave the harbor, to pick up the true purpose of your life, right now.

Wouldn’t it feel better, to feel better?

Let's get started - set up a call today: Click here

My Certifications

Rapid Transformational Therapy - 2018
Certified Hypnotherapists - 2018
Approved RTT Therapists - 2019
Clinical Hypnotherapist - 2019
Board Certified Hypnotherapist - 2020
Certified Master Trainer - 2021

My Services & Pricing

Initial Explore Hypnosis - Free
Issue Session - $295
Freedom Program - $2,100

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