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I'm a Thetahealing Master Instructor. I'm supported by the Angels in every moment of my like, and they support me in the healing sessions with clients. Creator gave us many tools (colors, crystal, music,...) and I often use them to have a deep and quick healing.

Our mind (both conscious and unconscious) should be cleaned by misbeliefs and can be download with new information coming from Creator's highest truth, so that we can feel Joy, Love and Hope and our body can be healthy.

I live in Italy with my eleven-years-old son, our dogs and our cat.

I like very much working on babies and animals, too.

My Instructor Certifications

Thetahealing master 2018

Plants and Animals 2018

Relationship: You and your partner 2018

Rainbow children 2018

Crystal grid 2018

Dig Deeper 2017

Intuitive Anatomy 2016

World relations 2016

Base and Advanced 2014

My Courses & Pricing

ThetaHealing Base, Advanced and Dig Deep (in person and on line)

Rithm, World relation (in person and on line)


Plants and Animals (only in person)

Relationship: You and your partner

Rainbow children

Dig Deeper

Intuitive Anatomy

World relations

Base and Advanced

Prices are listed on the official website, or contact me for any other information

Upcoming Courses & Dates

Many people are asking me how to be in contact with their divine part and how to feel the help of angels, that are always waiting fr us to available to ask and accept their help. I'm teaching on line classes about this deep way to connect to your divine parts. Write me privately for more information.

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