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Move Beyond the Scale
Get control over your weight, your food habits, snacking, sugar consumption, boredom eating or emotional eating. Hypnotherapy reprograms your subconscious mind so that you have less conflict when it comes to choosing the right food and the right portions. This will allow you to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Weight drops off without calorie counting or expensive points programs.

With the help of Rapid Transformational Therapy and Hypno-Coaching you will be able to over-write self-sabotaging beliefs and create healthy, new habits to succeed in achieving your ideal, healthy weight and shape. The solution starts with reprogramming your brain.

Leave Your Fears Behind
Fears of animals, dentists, driving, doctors, elevators, flying, germs, heights, insects, needles, social situations, and swimming can be devastating on one’s life. They often compound themselves by only getting worse as time goes on. Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the issue very quickly, resolves it, and releases you from fear.

Live life feeling confident, calm & composed.

Be Confident in Your Relationships
Can’t find true love? You can’t be yourself in your relationships? Or maybe you are attracting the wrong kind of partner and experience the same heartache over and over again? Maybe your marriage has come to a difficult stage and you don’t know how to resolve the conflicts? Subconscious programming can re-create the same issues over and over again until you understand where these beliefs stem from. You have the power to establish healthy, fulfilling and satisfying relationships.
Improve your self-esteem and leave behind outdated programming which sabotage your happiness in finding or maintaining the ideal relationship.

Maximize Effectiveness to Gain Income
Known as a “secret weapon” by CEOs, heads of companies and celebrities, hypnotherapy can help you be better at work and more effective when you apply your skills to income generating opportunities. Get focused on your strengths and clear away barriers to achievement. Understand why you might be at times getting in your own way. After hypnotherapy, you calmly, confidently, assuredly rise to any challenge and exchange fear to excitement which fuels your creativity and provides the focus to succeed.

Speak, lead and listen as the powerful person you were born to be.

Achieve Your Potential and Stay Motivated
Tired of choking on the field or on the court? Frustrated by test anxiety? Unsure what is behind your fear of public speaking? Got writer’s block? The answer typically resides in the subconscious. Since all performance is driven by thought, we first come to terms with what’s happening in the mind. Then we plant positive, powerful seeds for peak performance. It is not about positive mindset but giving the right suggestions to our mind to propel us toward success.

Make your training and preparation pay off. Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to be a lifelong winner.

Improve Your Health and Heal Your Body
Increased levels of stress greatly compromise our immune systems. Researchers have determined that focused hypnosis and related visualization techniques can actually prevent the weakening of the immune response that often follows acute stress or illness. It also speeds up the healing process. When facing a surgery or recovering from one, or when suffering from a chronic health condition, hypnosis and hypnotherapy work hand in hand to heal the mind and the body.

My Certifications

Rapid Transformational Therapy - Marisa Peer Method 2019

BA (Hon) Social Educator - Mental and Physical Health Specialisation - AVKF Hungary 2009


My Services & Pricing

***For all NHS workers I provide Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions free of charge to ease their anxiety & help coping with the demands of their duties***

The Clarity and Confidence You Need
RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY single session | 90-120 minutes | £275

Using regression, emotions and imagery to identify what you want to achieve, we clear out resistance and subconscious blocks which are keeping you from achieving your goals and desires. You will find freedom with a permanent shift in viewpoint. We are reprogramming limiting beliefs to rewire your subconscious. (Eg. Sugar Addiction, Stop Smoking, Exam Nerves, Important Interview, Public Speaking, Insomnia)



The 5-6 weeks RTT/Hypnotherapy Coaching program was created to work on a single area of concern to cover all aspects of the issue.

This program consists of (two) RTT sessions to find and eliminate hidden limiting beliefs and (three) 60 minute integration sessions, over the course of 5-6 weeks, to create new habits, strategies and pathways to step into your ideal self. (Eg. Finding a Lasting, Loving Relationship, Procrastination & Success, Self-Esteem & Confidence, Body Image Issues, Depression & Purpose)



The 12 weeks RTT/Hypnotherapy Coaching engagement was formulated to make lasting change in your life by having ongoing support. Over the course of three months we dive deep into what is holding you back from creating the life you desire and deserve. With ongoing RTT sessions and integration sessions you’ll experience a deep and lasting shift in the way you see the world and in turn, your reality. This is to address the combination of issues which are totally transformed during 3 RTT sessions, 6 integration sessions and ongoing email support. (Eg. Anxiety, Releasing Excess Weight for Good)

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