The Missing Key to Manifesting the Relationship of Your Dreams by Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

The Law of Attraction – “What’s like unto itself is drawn” – is a universal law which is always at work. What you attract and manifest is the sum of your thoughts and your emotions. Because this is a universal law, this is true whether you are aware of it or not. This means there are two ways of creating your own reality. You can do it by default – if you don’t know where you are going, that’s where you will end up – or you can do it by conscious creation.


When you decide to consciously create the reality you want, these are the six steps you can take to create the relationship of your dreams.


Step 1: Clarification – What exactly do you want?

You say you want to be in an amazing relationship. What does that mean? This person you want to co-create a magnificent relationship with – what do they look like? How do they make you feel? What is your relationship like? What are the things you do together? How do they treat you?


In this phase, we will continue to engage these questions until we have established a clear picture of what you desire. To practice this on you own, write down a list of everything that you want.


Step 2: Identify your point of attraction – are your subconscious beliefs holding you back?

Your beliefs are the filter for the thoughts you allow to enter your mind. They are a vital part of the energy you send out into the field about what you want. Are your subconscious beliefs in line with what you want to manifest? What are your beliefs about men or women? What have your relationships been like so far? What is or was your parent’s relationship like? What are your beliefs about relationships? Do you believe that you deserve to be in a wonderful, happy relationship?


In this phase, we will explore more deeply what your subconscious relationship beliefs are in an efficient manner. To practice this on your own, make a list of all of the first impressions you have of romantic relationships. For example, did your parents treat each other with respect?


Step 3: Abracadabra – I create as I speak

Your subconscious mind will do whatever it can to create your reality so that it matches your thoughts and your words. What do you usually think and say about men or women? What do you usually say about relationships? Are those statements in line with what you want? Do you buy into and repeat society’s beliefs about how relationships develop – falling in love, the honeymoon effect and the deterioration of relationships with time? What does your self-talk sound like? Are you kind to yourself or do you allow your inner critic to give you a hard time?


In this phase we will explore the language we use to talk about romantic relationships. To practice this on your own, write down how you talk about romantic relationships with your friends.


Step 4: Vulnerability – the key to giving and receiving unconditional love

Are you keeping yourself from loving unconditionally and connecting deeply out of fear of heartbreak? This can mean you have a heart wall. During times of emotional distress, your emotional heart can feel really hurt; this is where the words ‘heartache’ and ‘heartbreak’ come from. This may prompt your body to put up a form of protection, or a ‘wall’ around the heart to keep it safe from further harm – a heart wall. According to the Emotion Code, the ‘building material’ of a heart wall is energy — specifically trapped emotions. The problem is that the heart wall can stick with you even after the heartache has passed, and you no longer need that protection. Think of living with a heart wall as living in a bomb shelter; it’s necessary short-term to protect you while the ‘bombs’ are falling, but if you continue to live in there you’ll likely feel sad, disconnected, frustrated, and you could even end up with more problems down the road. The good news is that the heart wall can be removed, one emotion at a time. This can free you to live from your heart, create abundance, and find true love.

In this phase we would use the Emotion Code to find your heart wall and release it. To practice this on your own, read the Emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson.


Step 5: PSYCH-K® – Reprogram your mind to become the person you need to be to attract the relationship of your dreams

To attract a great partner, you need to be a great partner. This means working on yourself, your self-image, self-love and feeling worthy. It means releasing the trapped emotions in your heart wall and it means reprogramming your beliefs so that they are in line with the life and relationship you want to create. How do you feel about letting someone into your life? How do you feel about yourself, talk to yourself and treat yourself? Can you look into the mirror and say I love you? Reprogramming your mind with PSYCH-K® will take willpower out of the equation and make it so much easier for you to create the reality you want.


In this phase we would use PSYCH-K® to reprogram your point of attraction so that it reflects what you desire. To practice this on your own, take a PSYCH-K® workshop, or find another belief change modality.


Step 6: Be the change – If what you are doing is not working, try something else

Now that you have reprogrammed your mind and become this new person, what are you going to do differently to get the results you want? What are the small, manageable steps you can take to create the reality you described in step 1? What are you going to do to be this new person? What are the skills you need to learn to be a great partner? How will you put yourself in a position to meet someone? Can you make room in your life, your closet and your bathroom cabinet for your new partner? And, when you are with your new partner, how are you going to treat them? How are you going to communicate and express your love?


In this phase, we will identify manageable, fun action steps that will take you in the direction of what you desire. To practice this on your own read the Honeymoon Effect by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Do one thing every day that will move you in the direction of what you want.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing below in which I explain in detail how to manifest the relationships of your dreams.

About Grethe Fremo- Bjørn

My name is Grethe. I live in Oslo, Norway.  I am passionate about helping people to unlock their best life by changing limiting beliefs and subconscious blockages.


I love PSYCH-K® because it is quick, easy, effective and fun! The role of the facilitator is to help the client/partner to access their inner wisdom and integrate the answers we uncover through curious exploration.


It gives me so much joy to see the changes in my clients lives thanks to this work:

  • Improved relationships to spouses, friends, family and coworkers
  • Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns and attracting wonderful partners
  • Immidiately and effortlessly giving up a tobacco habit
  • Immediate relief from an acute anxiety attack
  • Increased self-worth and self confidence


If you are ready and willing to make some real changes in your life, I would love to work with you.


Grethe’s Certifications:


  • PSYCH-K® Health & Wellbeing 2020


  • PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop 2019


  • PSYCH-K® Divine Integration Retreat 2019


  • PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop 2018


  • First Aid & CPR Instructor 2016


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer 2015


  • Master of Science in Toxicology (Pollution Biology) 2008


  • Bachelor of Science in Physiology 2006


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