Transform the Patterns Which Limit Your Potential using PSYCH-K® by Rochelle Skead

My healing journey started almost twenty years ago when I discovered Pilates and became an instructor. Pilates is so effective because it restores corrupted movement patterns. By being aware of the incorrect pattern, you can make a conscious effort to move correctly. So Conscious Movement was born.


Over the years I became aware that we humans are creatures of habit, not just in the way we always put on our right shoe first, or fold our left arm inside, but in all aspects of life. Habits keep us safe because we feel in control. In my Pilates classes each person had “their” spot on the floor, week after week, month after month. Asking them to change it up would cause anxiety and insecurity because they were losing their “safe” space.


My studies in Specialized Kinesiology taught me how our mental, emotional, physical and energetic aspects of life cannot be separated; a change in one affects all aspects of our being. Life Coaching opened my eyes to human behavior, the mental and emotional side of what makes humans tick. Just like our physical movement habits, our patterns of behavior, are there to keep us safe. They developed at a time in our life when we felt threatened in some way, real or perceived, and the pattern helped us to survive. Now, sometimes years later, we feel broken, worthless or not good enough.


But you are not the problem, you are not broken. It’s your habit or pattern that is broken. While it may have once worked, you have outgrown the need for the habit and now it is blocking you from realizing your true potential, from being authentically you. Because our patterns are subconscious, stored deep in our cells, we don’t even know they are there but we “feel” stuck. We know we are repeating the same reactive state in all of our relationships or experiencing the same disappointing outcome in all our different jobs. For some, these patterns manifest as anxiety and depression or low self-worth. For others the pattern may block our potential and our flow of abundance.


Using PSYCH-K®, we can discover the broken pattern and replace its “code” with a new empowering belief. But PSYCH-K® is more than just a thought process, it’s an energetic modality. It changes your being on an energetic level so you FEEL different. People who suffer from anxiety describe feeling calm, quiet, easy to breath, expansive or free after a PSYCH-K® balance. While those working on self-limiting patterns which prevent them taking the next step describe feeling energized, excited, ready to go, at ease with change, motivated and stimulated.


Working with a facilitator helps us to see beyond the box of our life story. We don’t see what is uncomfortable to feel. We bury the truth and we distract ourselves with thoughts which keep us safely away from what hurts. The PSYCH-K® process helps us to discover the pattern that is broken, bringing it to our conscious awareness so that we can begin to change it. A facilitator shines a light into our shadows so we can heal our wounds safely and gently, never having to manage more than we can handle.


The PSYCH-K® process is your process, you are always in control and you have the power to heal yourself. It is your choice to stay stuck or to change your life. Change may be scary, but so is being stuck and you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to support you with Conscious Movement and PSYCH-K®.

About Rochelle Skead

Hello, welcome to Conscious Movement.

My journey started as a Pilates instructor 18 years ago. I love working with the physical body but I found that stress affected a person’s physical body posture. I needed to find out why, and how I could help my clients to become unstuck, to find flow and relief from the dis-ease of resistance.

Because PSYCH-K® works with the sub-conscious mind, it is very effective at soothing the resistance to what life throws at us. The beliefs we adopt may be limiting our potential and undermining our performance without us even knowing. We feel stuck in the same patterns of behavior and the same limited outcomes, no matter how hard we try to change. PSYCH-K® allows us a peek into our sub-conscious, to see what is limiting us. The process allows you to choose a better way to do life, one context at a time, so that you can realize your true potential.

How will you feel at the end of a balance? Most people use the words relief, ease, clarity, quiet, peaceful, motivated, ready to do the work. I would love to help you feel this way too.

Rochelle’s Certifications:


Pilates Method Alliance 2008

Touch for Health 2014

Emotional Kinesiology 2014

Dorn Method and Breuss Massage 2015

PSYCH-K® Basic 2016

PSYCH-K® Advanced and Pro 2017

PSYCH-K® Master Facilitator 2018

Life Coaching 2018

Integrated Healing 2018

Professional Specialized Kinesiology 2019


  • Stacy Bekar
    June 2, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    Very interesting blog making me understand that I can raise my limits without burning out myself.

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