Using ‘Beyond Quantum Healing’ and Energy Work to Discover Your Authentic True Self by Ben Beaudoin

Early on in my spiritual awakening, the first teacher that I worked with in-depth, defined the spiritual path as the journey back to your authentic self. leading up to working with this teacher, I had been watching movies like the secret and listening to various new age speakers popular when that movie came out. I had also learned Tarot, gone to psychics, and even tried meditation and yoga classes.


I had become a seeker and I was exploring all kinds of spiritual ideas. But I was still living through a fabricated identity I had created over the years. Then I began to learn to Lucid dreaming and attempt to astral travel. The result of this was a sort of a very uncomfortable kundalini awakening while stuck in a traffic jam in downtown Manhattan in NYC. My body began vibrating and felt like electricity was flowing through me. I had a chorus of voices of all the other drivers around me begin flooding my head. I had no choice but to sit in this traffic jam for over an hour, as I waited for a parking spot to open up in the stop-and-go, slow-moving mass of cars. By the time I found one, I was exhausted. I jumped out of the car and threw myself on a bench not really sure what just happened to me.


My world in one hour felt like it had been turned upside down. This was one of the key moments in my awakening to the fact that there was more than a physical world.


It wasn’t just a concept anymore. More phenomena soon followed. Some really cool, and yet other experiences that were very uncomfortable. But It was a catapult that put me squarely on my spiritual path. To be honest I was all in but overwhelmed at the same time. I asked God/Source/creator to show me the way things really are.


Now when you ask the creator to show the way things really are, what do you get? Well, what that ultimately led to was seeing the way “I” really was. Beyond the physical identity running all of its programs and desires.


It was a process of peeling back the onion layers. I was led to see the light within underneath all of the human weight I had accumulated over the years to that point. I was very disciplined in my efforts, and with every effort came rich rewards. Over time, I was able to settle into feeling my true, eternal self, the light within, the way it really is. It was a feeling that brought relief as with it comes a feeling of being lovingly connected to the source.


Not that I don’t have moments where I am very much in this physical world with its challenges. I do. But I now have this feeling as a reference point to always come back to.


Jumping forward to June of 2020, after a few years of watching many videos by Candace Craw Goldman speaking of ‘Beyond Quantum Healing’, I decided to finally book a session. I was already well versed in energy work. But I was intrigued by the process of using light hypnosis, along with combining intention with a series of questions. What amazed me was this feeling of being in touch with that eternal self that took me years to connect with, was so accessible in the session. The ability through the process of getting beyond our everyday tick Tock mind, and get into a multi-dimensional space with BQH is really profound. People often see past lives that give an understanding of patterns in this life. You can discover energetic obstacles that may be limiting you. You can also learn stuff about yourself that will help you understand your life from a fresh perspective. You can walk away from a BQH session with guidance that you can act on. Many of my clients feel much closer to their real selves and can move forward in a way where the decisions they make better serve their true authentic selves. ‘Beyond Quantum Healing’ has the ability to show us what we are, rather than what we’d think we should be. You too can ask God/Source/creator to show you the way things really are in your own way. But what I love about this process, is how gently and safely it does so. I highly recommend Beyond Quantum Healing for those embarking on their spiritual path to discover their true authentic self.


Watch my interview on ZeroPointHealing Show below in which I explain in detail on Using ‘Beyond Quantum Healing’ and Energy Work to Discover Your Authentic True Self.

About Ben Beaudoin


Beyond Quantum Healing, or BQH,  is a heart based consciousness exploration modality for self development, self-healing, and spiritual growth. BQH uses a guided meditation induction technique to access the hypnotic state that naturally occurs in meditation or between your sleep & awake cycles. It focuses your intention and heart towards whatever goal you may have. This modality allows you to connect with your multi-dimensional self in a safe way through your subconscious mind. With your heart felt intention and questions, you may may receive answers you’ve been seeking about your life, purpose, health, family, relationships, spirituality, and even past lives. Any question you are seeking an answer to can be explored with BQH.

I look forward to Facilitating your BQH session and helping you discover the light that is already there inside of you. Feel free to inquire with any questions at all about BQH.


Ben Beaudoin’s Certifications:


Student of Stuart Wilde/Khris Krepcik – Apprenticed 2009-2013

Beyond Quantum Healing – Certified 2020


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